AmCham reports general considerations for accessing American markets.

Guatemala – February 23, 2016. In AmCham’s efforts to encourage competiveness and improve Guatemala’s economic growth, they have made known the requirements for doing business in American markets.  This all includes licenses, export information, legal and regulatory issues, brand and labor issues, etc; all of which are topics that Tania Martinez, Director of Demos Global Group, addresses.

“United States is the main destination for exports and the most important commercial partner to the country.  This makes it fundamental for AmCham to provide the tools that will allow our local partners to successfully venture into American Markets.” stated Juan Pablo Carrasco, Vice-President of AmCham.

This conference was specifically focused for the medical, nutrition, and cosmetic sectors, which all must comply with regulations set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), especially when it comes to entering the United States.

Furthermore, they made known the laws and federal and state taxes of the United States.  This focuses on the benefits of brand registering and most important governing entities for importing.

In 2015 Guatemala exported a total of US$10,751,881.5 worth of goods. Comparing it to $10,024.8 that it was in 2013, Guatemala is projected a growth between 4% and 5%, making it the second best country in Central America in economic performance.

During the course of the past several years, AmCham has grown due to the promotion and a strengthened relationship of trade and investment between the  United States and Guatemala. Therefore, supporting the performance of more than 510 partner businesses.

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