DHL Express

DHL Express

With support from DHL Express General Manager, José Luis Nava.

DHL was established within Guatemala City in 1982.  Starting with a very simple operation and using commercial airlines, today 34 years later we have our own infrastructure with more than 35 routes within the city, our own Gateway, along with a hanger to service the 4 daily flights we operate.  This is our Big Yellow Machine within the country to fulfill the company’s vision of becoming “The Logistics Company for the World.”  From Guatemala we offer Courier Delivery Services to over 220 countries and territories worldwide.

This growth is due greatly to the trust we have earned from clients overtime. Our mission is very much for our clients as it is to make our employees and investors more successful.

Our pillars is set on the foundation of employee motivation and offering quality service that will lead to loyal and satisfied clients.

Even though we have been positively acknowledged over the past three years due to our Global Network, even considered to be one of the best countries in Latin America, we are fully aware we must continue to improve constantly.  We live in a world where clients and the national and international markets demands are becoming more rigorous each day.

This is why we have been working with various projects:

CIS: Certified International Specialist, this program has covered all 100,000 employees DHL has all over the world.  We are in constant training to better understand international trade, our network, and certain processes in order to achieve a specific standard so we can offer our clients with better advice.

First Choice, a program completely about quality and the continuity of improvement.  We use tools like NPA (Net Promoted Approach) to identify potential areas and improve what our own clients tell us. From there we look at how to improve them within our internal processes.  For example, costumes is an area we know that internal and external factors may intervene at any time, thus we must coordinate internally so we can maintain an adequate level of service for our clients.

In DHL we also worry about social and environmental surroundings where Corporate Social Responsibility is part of our daily lives.  Our programs: Go Help, Go Teach, and Go Green have actively supported our employees, our community and the country in general.

We firmly believe that we form part of the country’s development and we must support the growth of commercial trade.  This is why we see our alliance with AmCham valuable to promote and support businesses whom want to start their business outside our borders.


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