A4P opting the initial implementation of 3 priority municipalities

A4P opting the initial implementation of 3 priority municipalities

August 22, 2016 Presidential Commissioned, Acisclo Valldares, presented a test-drive plan by selecting 3 out of the 51 priority municipalities.  This will be in order to initiate strategic actions that will allow the development of these territories. The three municipalities that have been given the green light are: captura1

  • Nebaj, Quiché
  • Momostenango, Totonicapán
  • Jocotán, Chiquimula

They were chosen by a series of factors based on indications of high poverty, malnutrition and migration.  The
main objective of this plan is to reinforce the governmental institutions within these municipalities; to improve public health, food security, education, citizen safety, assistance programs and access roads.  

The pilot planning will implement short-term actions that have the ability of carrying out immediately and effectively.  This will ultimately be used as the guide to show the path for medium-term actions when it comes to developing these priority areas.

As the first exercise, the mentioned institutions involved with the execution will meet with the team from PRONACOM. This will be held with the objective to evaluate opportunities and the methods of execution.

In part of PAPTN objectives, they are to create infrastructure conditions that will allow the private sector to invest in rural areas, giving them a better location if there were ever any complications with their business.

“The Alliance for Prosperity Plan in the Northern Triangle has the main objective of generating economic welfare within the territory.” Presidential Commissioned, Acisclo Valladares.

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