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Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote was one of the first lawyers within Central America to regionalize legal services for the competitive and very demanding global market. As founder of CENTRAL LAW, it now has the presence in all of Central America, Panama and the Dominican Republic; making it the firm with the most coverage in the region.  Their services are more oriented towards growing businesses that seek new opportunities and already established businesses with the need for global solutions.

As a matter of fact, Carrasco coined the phrase that reflects the firm under the premise “One Region, One Law Firm.” Providing their clients with comprehensive and innovative solutions in all aspects of the law.

CENTRAL LAW consults individuals, regional and foreign businesses, and even non-profit organizations that seek their legal services.

Since 2003 the firm has been providing the region with legal advice thanks to the support of highly experienced lawyers they have available at 11 offices located in Central America and the Caribbean: Guatemala (Guatemala City), El Salvador (San Salvador), Honduras (San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa), Nicaragua (Managua), Costa Rica (San Jose), Panama (Panama City) and Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, Samana).

CENTRAL LAW has a unique organizational identity at all of their offices with an international business-oriented culture.

The challenges that are faced within this profession just keep getting bigger, but under Carrasco’s leadership at CENTRAL LAW they have been able to overcome and face them head on.  Their very success has been brought upon innovation, an established processes, and necessary practices has allowed them to adapt to the constant evolving realties faced on both a domestic and global scale.

Ethics, professionalism, innovation, responsibility and Leadership are the firm’s developed core values along with a very experienced team of lawyers.  Their continuous preparation continues to encourage and strengthen these values that has allowed CENTRAL LAW become a strategic ally for their clients.

When the client’s needs change, the firm evolves with them. This is in order to offer the services with the objective of reaching the client´s goals by maintaining effective communication, discussing tomorrow’s potential risks, helps them to avoid today.

The Firm has been categorized to be more than just legal consultants, but strategic development consultants for your clients as well.

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