By Gabriela Negreros

Plan of the Alliance for Prosperity Coordinator



Through Civil Society, public and private sectors, Guatemala has shown it has been involved with the Plan of Alliance for Prosperity programs.  This is a constant struggle to generate the optimal economic conditions not only for habitants, but to mitigate migration to the United States as well.

However, Guatemala needs more institutions involved in order to prosper.  This is why I believe that politics and the programs should come together and have a common goal.

When it comes to the Alliance, its position with the National Agenda of Competitiveness is crucial.  This is given to the fact it relies on short, medium and long term specific goals focused on improving the production sectors and the generation of more jobs; ultimately to create greater economic opportunities.

We must acknowledge that migration exists in the rural to the urban areas of the country, primarily towards intermediate cities. This is why initiatives such as the Urban Agenda are important to take advantage of the opportunity that urbanization has given when it comes to clarifying better public and living services.   This will create the conditions for more productive investments, therefore improving the avg. income and quality of life for Guatemalans.

While the Plan of Alliance prioritizes municipalities outside of intermediate cities, it is important to raise productive activities in order to properly provide for these urban areas. With this said, urban shouldn’t exclude the rural, where prosperity is generated jointly.

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