AmCham’s Customs Committee came to be with the purpose of providing all its members with advice on every topic and issue on the Customs Control System. Specifically everything on DR-CAFTA.
In order to achieve this, there has been participation regarding all forums and topics discussed regarding the elaboration, process and customs legislation. All accomplished with the joint efforts from PRONACOM and the Directorate of Customs Tax Administration.
There is currently some certain changes being made to the committee, with the intention of getting our members to collaborate more effectively. This is in order to fight for a flexible and transparent customs system where the first task was to send out questionnaire to disclose the problems people are having with the office in regards to their goods.
The committee meet once a month and we recently planned our members’ future roles.
We are hoping this year we will be able to have two customs procedure seminars for our associates. This will be to provide the necessary information such as; how custom clearance works, the obligations and rights as importers or exporters and the legal resources if they ever need to face an objection made by the customs authorities.
With the collaboration from all AmCham members we can have a broad overview on the most common problems with the Customs System.

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