A Competitive Advantage for Businesses

Juan Andrés Valladares, documentation and procedure simplification Advisor for PRONACOM- National Program for competitiveness

The function of an entire business depends on administrative procedures that are carried out by certain state institutions, which all can be consulted by visiting “asisehace.gt”  This is a tool that can be used to improve the competitiveness of any organization, a step by step guide showing the procedure.  In doing so, avoiding unnecessary actions that save companies time and money.

From registering businesses and anonymous societies, to obtaining importation and exportation permits; “asisehace.gt” provides detailed information on the requirements and locations to visit, along with the average time and cost for each process. Furthermore, each process contains the legal support that justifies it.

A Tool on the Forefront

Asisehace.gt forms part of the eRegulations project developed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), where it finds itself functioning in multiple countries.  For Guatemala, it was implemented in 2011 with the economic support from the Luxembourg government, and changing its name to “asisehace.gt” to make more appealing to the Guatemalan people.

Ever since its development, the National Program for Competitiveness –PRONACOM-has been in charge of this platform.  This organization coordinates the interinstitutional efforts to improve the country’s business climate, a favorable environment to attract investment.  With this tool, it intends to simplify and document the country’s process to guide its users, reducing time and costs. On behalf of PRONACOM, we firmly believe this the key to strengthen public and private institutions,

The “asisehace.gt” page is currently visited my more than 8,000 people a week, whom require consulting over 300 processes. This is all in the attempt of an Open Government project that seeks the transparency of Guatemalan institutions and facilitate business operations in order to make them more competitive.

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