Niños De Guatemala (NDG) was founded in 2006 and empowers communities in marginalized areas of Guatemala. It currently operates two primary schools and a middle school that provide high-quality education to over 450 children.

NDG’s education extends beyond the traditional classroom across three levels: students, their families, and the community. NDG aims to be sustainable at the organizational and community level through initiating and supporting social business activities and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. Cambio Language School, a social business in Antigua, embodies this through providing consistent, sustainable income for NDG as 100% of its profits go directly to our schools.

NDG brings change to Guatemalan education by building upon national standards, emphasizing new concepts and learning methods that are placing students ahead of their peers in public schools. NDG believes in stressing critical thinking and discussion in the classroom, as well as artistic expression and foreign language acquisition.

Beyond the classroom, NDG provides a Social Work and Psychology Department, as well as a Nutrition and Health Program. Social Workers host many progams that benefit the community, a few of which include; Alcoholics Anonymous for family members of alcoholics, support groups for single mothers and new parents, as well as sexual health  workshops. Students who are identified as needing extra care are enrolled into a regular group or individual therapy session with a psychologist where they work together to address the issues affecting the child and identify solutions.

An expert nutritionist designed the menu in our schools to provide the students with a snack and lunch each day, covering over 80 percent of their daily nutritional needs. The health program also entails the provision of toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap that students use each school day.

There are many ways to get involved with NDG, such as a volunteer program, individual sponsorship, our Social Business Cambio Language School, and a Corporate Social Responsibility program. By supporting NDG’s programs, you have the chance to help build communities which are educated, empowered, and entrepreneurial.

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