How did COMBEX-IM start?

COMBEX-IM has 25 years providing excellent service to its users.  In the 1980’s a group of visionary businessmen, represented by the main chambers, production associations and exporters of Guatemala, created Operation and Maintenance of Warehouse Exports Committee (COMBEX).   This became the referencing model of management for the cargo that enters and leaves the country.

By 1989, the delivery of cargo for exports was in full effect.  Now this feat was a big accomplishment because it was necessary to expand, organize, and reach full potential so that by 1990 the State had granted the committee with import management as well; thus becoming COMBEX-IM. Since 2007, it has acted as a Temporary Customs Warehouse, where it really stood out due to fact of being a private non-profit company that specializes in receiving, managing, handling and delivery of exports and imports by air.

Furthermore, to highlight the achievements made in 2016, by focusing on strengthening and the development of Agro-climatic zones in order to generate awareness for the agricultural market.  By introducing a cold storage room for imports, and a climate controlled area for receiving exports, we will be able to manage perishable goods under more sophisticated standards.

Gomez continued to emphasize on the challenges for 2017 by saying:  “Continue strengthening our processes, continue committing ourselves to Guatemalan trade and opening spaces; we must grow in accordance of the growth and development of Guatemalan trade reports throughout the year.  Our wish is for more growth, so we must be prepared to receive import and export cargos that come in the future.”

Why have you decided to become a part of AmCham’s Leadership Circle?

“We believe that AmCham has reshape their mission with a clear objective. Where it is taking an export-oriented approach in strengthening the facilitation of commercial relations, providing learning experiences, and support; not to mention all the support given from its committees.”

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