The Trade, Investment and Tourism Program in Guatemala – PACIT

One of the objectives of the program is to promote foreign trade from Guatemala to countries and regions where our nine offices are located: United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Spain, and the Netherlands; where the products and services are attended by the businesses and businessmen. Another objective of the program is to be a facilitator, consultant, guide, and support to the sectors. We also participate when our involvement is requested on products with international entities and situations that affect the interest of the country.


Due to our presence in relative markets, the program collaborates on commercial missions and sector or entity events before solicitation and confirmation. We attract businessmen and executives whom we have agreements with or the ministry co-organize to participate in these fairs.  However, due to reach of the program, we can’t act as a commercial agent for those that need our attention.


The second Sector is Tourism.  Due to that fact that Guatemala is praised by many for its large abundance of natural sites, culture and history, the special interest of developing this industry very much exists.  The country is promoted as touristic destination, where heavy collaboration with the responsible organizations of this topic is looked at for coordination and support.  Guatemala also relies on innovation within the tourism sector in order to create opportunities and then promote it. This will cause tour operators to recognize the opportunity and ultimately showing them to their clients. Furthermore, we are not the only channel where foreign businesses, audiovisual and cultural media to Guatemala.  Our activities collaborate with the promotion of events, conventions, and fairs; especially those that are a part of the Commercial Promotion Plan of the Country


Another important aspect is to attract foreign investment for Guatemala.  Investment is not only a source of income from, but it also attracts innovation, knowledge, experience and technology; what promotes employment and modernization. Our country has the characteristics of great potential among its location and the approach it has had with international markets under the free trade agreements.  This allows businesses in Guatemala that represent 35% of the region’s GDP, to not only commercialize elaborate products in Guatemala but internationally as well.


For this year the program looks to focus on high-impact activities to find relevant solutions for the country. There are currently several international market forces that require us to update the way we do business, but at the same time to pass it along to our organizations. AmCham’s member must know, although not very often seen, we are watching over your interests on an international level.  And we will update our methods of doing business so we can provide positive results.


The Trade, Investment and Tourism Program in Guatemala has been and is a relevant participator in the growth of exports, attracting visitors, approaching markets and promoting the country on an international scale.  We are united by common goals and friendships with AmCham, which we will continue to support and develop. From us to you, we assure you a successful year in 2017.

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