Eleventh Edition of “Business In Action” – February 2017

REGIONAL, the new cement brand that has entered the market


Recently, first-class cement for construction was launched into a dedicated and hardworking market.  As it is made in Guatemala, it follows the strictest regulations and norms that construction requires.

The developers at the helm of this project, representing “Grupo Industrial Monterrey, S.A”, have been preparing to enter this market for several years. They are deeply invested and quite sure to expect an annual performance of 87,000 metric tons within the first phase; prioritizing the Portland cement types 4060PSI and 5800PSI, made from clinker, pozzolan, and plaster.


Mission: At “Regional,” we see ourselves as a partner for the builder and within the development of a free market.  This in turn will strengthen a forward impulse that promotes investment and employment opportunities.


Vision: Offer a better product that satisfies market needs through quality, service, and personalized attention as we search to position the brand and sustainable growth.

Objectives: After fulfilling the objective launching the Brand, just three months ago in 2016, “Regional” will continue with its purpose of solidifying itself a spot within the market in search of the aforementioned expectations in 2017.




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