Center for Corporate Governance & Sustainability


María Eugenia de Collier

Director of the Center for Corporate Governance & Sustainability

Deloitte Central America – Dominican Republic


Director’s Program on the

Governance and Sustainabilty of their Company


  1. About Deloitte: (Discription)

Deloitte has been the leading firm of professional services in the global market for more than 172 years by offering clients their knowledge, quality service and market compromise on an international scale.  With a global network of firms in 160 countries, Deloitte provides world-class knowledge on how to face some of the biggest and complex business challenges their clients are having.


Furthermore, we make a team of over 244,000 professionals that collaborate to provide services of audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax, and services related to public and private clients within multiple industries. Not to mention that Deloitte currently provides services to 4 for every 5 companies in the Fortune 500.


  1. What is Deloitte’s contribution to the country?

Deloitte Guatemala is leader in the national market providing all services expressed beforehand, but it also offers the service of Corporate Governance and Sustainabilty through its Center for Coprorate Governance.  With the only one in Central America, this allows Guatemalan businessmen have world-class services at their disposal.

As part of Deloitte’s global network of corporate governance we function as one sole firm with the basis of good practices on a global level. This is to avoid the necessity of businessmen leaving the country or even hiring a foreign consultant, which we all know that in either case can be very exspensive.


  1. What are the services offered?

We support companies to institutinalize, to build for some and to strenthen their structures for others.  We just want people to have the ability to grow in an an orderly and controlled way in order to gauarantee the sustainabilty at the same time.  And we do this through the appropiate governing bodies and system of relations between the Board of Directors and Executive Management, assuring that these three deciding bodies can direct and control the future of the organization.

We generate smooth transitions of command, always focused on the development of the business without losing site of the founder’s vision. Our advice ends when the company feels it’s self-suffiecient upon giving all the necessary guidance in design, implemetation, and the development of strategies until achieving their desired objectives.


  1. How did the Director’s Program of Governance for Company Sustainability ?

The head office for Deloitte’s global network of corporate governance in New York, conducts several studies and interviews every year with entrepeneurs to determine what needs are necessary, globally and Guatemala alike, to stregthen and assure people fully understand the functionality of the Board of Directors or Advisory Councils.  In order to effeciently practice corporate governance it is through the Board of Directors, whom are responsible of transforming the wishes of shareholders into reality through strategy and control.  Now if we take into account Deloitte’s global network model, it is available to Guatemalan businessmen that will allow them to adequetly use their councils that will ultimatly benefit overall operations within the organization.


  1. What is the Program’s purpose and how many do you plan to implement in 2017?

To have our clients become familiarized eith the effeciancy and dynamic of having a fuctioning Board of Directors and audit/company practices committees.

Involving them in strategic decision making process by highlighting the necesity to have a Board of Directors that provide relative information in a timely manner.

Help the company’s Advisors/Directors maximise the added value they can bring to table by expressing their opinions and decisions.

To promote express the development of Advisory Councils as a major organ of the organization’s governence.

In doing so we offer the latest trends regarding the innovation of administration and corporate governance councils. Now this program is carried out once a year worldwide on the same date, and in our case it will be held in Antigua, Guatemla on March 17 and 18, 2017.

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