AmCham supports the Rule of Law, National Unity, the Institutional Framework and the fight against corruption in the country

Guatemala, August 28, 2017. In light of recent events, AmCham affirms its position in favor of the Rule of Law, National Unity, and the Institutional framework of the country. In addition, it reiterates its support for the effective, free and independent fight against corruption, which is not ideological or partisan in nature, but is an essential battle to accomplish transparent and strong institutions able to promote development and prosperity in Guatemala.
AmCham calls on national and international agencies to work in favor of national unity, to seek the comprehensive and democratic development of Guatemala, and to make this the priority in the decisions they are called to make by law, while avoiding confrontation of the Guatemalan people and the polarization of society.
AmCham urges society to express its opinions and to act peacefully and within the framework of the Law, to prevent actions that contradict the Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala and the laws in force in the country such as incitement to any type of violence, the blocking of roads or acts of vandalism, and to guarantee citizen safety at all times.
We trust the institutional framework of the country and the Rule of Law will prevail. We recall that all the crises experienced in recent years have produced the outcome of strengthened institutions and democracy in Guatemala.
Based on this, we invite national and international leaders involved in these events to maintain dialogue and conciliation efforts. Guatemala is a country where investment, trade and innovation will continue to be the engines of development and employment for the benefit of a society that seeks peace and economic growth opportunities.
About AmCham Guatemala
It celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year, and will continue to promote and strengthen trade and investment between the United States and Guatemala, as well as to provide support to its more than 500 members. It will continue to promote investment and employment as the fundamental pillars for the economic development of the country.

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