Those who are interested must appraoch our offices to request information. Once you have filled out a personality evaluation a conversation with the candidate is held in order to create his/her profile detailing personal professional information. With this your profile will remain within our database for 8 months for a one time fee (see prices below).

For additonal information you may contact Lucky Castañeda the Job Search Coordinator…email:   or by calling +502 2417-0801

  • Bring your resume on a USB drive or have it sent via email beforehand. Note if you want a bilingual position you may want to have an English copy as well.
  • Fill out registration form in order to upload your profile online (our website) and/or our offices.
  • Finally, paying the fee set by AmCham where we have based it on professional experience and current academic level.  Below are the fees according to position levels of interest:        
Q.525.00 Top Management
Q.398.00 Manegment/Senior Executive
Q.297.00 Administration Assisstance. Divison Sub-Manager and/or Division Supervisor
Q.245.00 Sales Executive
Q.165.00 Secretary, Accounting and/or High School Graduate
Q. 99.00 Messenger/Driver


Upon paying the one time fee and completing all paperwork, a code number will be given to you.  This code number will be used to identify your profile within our database on our website:

Once Online

People who try to enter our database of candidates will have the ability to view your profile.  The database is located on our website,, under the tab that says job serach. At this time your profile will be visible for the duration of eight months upon registration.

AmCham’s Responsibilty


The responsibility or role of AmCham with the program is limited to ONLY making your profile available to our corporate members.

PLEASE NOTE, registering will not guarantee you employment.  Getting hired by someone will depend on your EXPERIENCE, ABILITIES and PERSONALITY; in addition to recommendation letters from both professional and personal contacts you may have.  Not to mention, the number of jobs that are being offered at the time.