Your concierge for business

  • Provide information to make effective business decisions
  • Organize business meetings and events
  • Facilitate opportunities for business networking
  • Provide key contacts for business
  • Improve productivity through training and educating
  • Offer business tools
  • Organize meetings with officials from both the United States and Guatemalan governments
  • Encourage bilateral trade
  • Organiza reuniones con funcionarios de los gobiernos de Estados Unidos y Guatemala.

What do we offer?

  • Committees : informative discussions on relevant and current topics
  • Events: Job fairs, business training, certifications, work-shops, and seminars just to name a few
  • Trade Center: Trade guides, training, conferences, product and sector profiling, information on DR-CAFTA, connections with suppliers and distributors
  • Job Search Center : Facilitate the search for employees among
  • Publications: Doing Business in Guatemala, blog, web page, Directory and Social Networks
  • Executive Direction:  Problem solving, support with meeting government officials, coming together with the United States Embassy to discuss and find solutions for several issues