Program to facilitate Visa’s process for AmCham partners

visaDue to changes and a new system implemented by consulates worldwide, you will see that our program has made necessary adjustments to facilitate the process:

For the business partners of AmCham, whom have been associated and collaborated with us for at least one year, have access to this program. It facilitates the process for nonimmigrant visas (B1/B2) with the United States Consular Section in Guatemala; strictly for business, commercial activities, training or entertainment purposes.

The program allows those interested to avoid the long process, requiring a signed letter from the General Manager, and/or legal representative and/or Chairman of the board and/or someone more assigned. This should show detailed information of the person requesting the Visa.

For this program to help your company, its necessary that interested General Mangers (Or whom ever is more appropriate to sign) to send us a signed letter addressed to the United States Consular Section in Guatemala. This will be used in any future visa request, specifically for matching and verifying signatures with the ones in the letter. This allows the US Consular section know its an authentic request from your company. Therefore, the letter must include signatures from the appropriate people and printed on paper with company’s letterhead.

The letter must be sent to Roberto Molina (Visas Coordinator), without the necessary signatures you will not be able to choose and continue with this program.

The following requirements is the continuation for the process of acquiring an appointment using the AmCham program:
  • A letter issued by the company itself, with information of the person whom will be applying for the Visa. (As described above).
  • Fill out DS-160 form. You could find form template at
  • Download the payment form from the American Embassy website and print it. With this you could pay the fee at Citibank or Banrural. Note, there is also there is an online payment option.
  • Photocopy of your passport’s first page
  • Two color photographs size 2×2 inches
  • Cell phone number and email address of the person applying
  • Submit payment for the program at AmCham offices. Price of service is $45.00 or Q.360.00

In order for your application to be processed please present and send all requirements 1 through 7 to Roberto Molina,

AmCham will be responsible for the acquisition of an appointment and inform the applicant. If for any reason the scheduled appoint doesn’t work for the person, either date and/or time, they must speak to Roberto Molina as soon as possible

notasPlease Note:
  • This program does not guarantee you will get an American Visa; its sole purpose is to facilitate the application process.
  • We appreciate your company’s collaboration and providing its information. If this is already the case, you don’t have to provide the information again.
Ejemplo de carta para el Consulado General de Estados Unidos en Guatemala

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