Through regular meetings, committees discuss the relevant and current information within areas of interest.  These areas are most those of high importance that would benefit partnering businesses.

Requirements to sign-up:

  • Be an active partner
  • For OSAC: inscription form

Intellectual Property

Education, the training of judges, and support from the authorities are key factors discussed.  The committee focuses on spreading the importance it has on investment opportunities and overall development of Guatemala.  This is also done along with assessing the development of bills and necessary regulations related to rights of Intellectual Property in Guatemala.



Training, consulting, discussing fiscal reforms, SAT fiscal procedure, budget development and enocurge investments.



Analyzing relevant variables to improve and make sound investment decisions upon making them, while organizing meetings with various influential officials to attract investment and business to the country.


Labor and Human Recourses

Strengthening HR administration through improving practices, promoting labor reforms, and with an emphasis on discussing legal labor issues.


Industrial Security and Occupational Health

seguridadIts aims to open new markets, where Guatemalan products reach the several norms and industrial requirements set by ISOH.


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Environmental

Everything to do with promoting and educating what social responsibility is and does, while helping businesses implement these special programs.  These programs include the creation of a code of conduct and raise awareness of environmental issues that will act as the foundation to understand social responsibility.



Discussions to facilitate trade, costumes issues, new regulations and procedure as it changes.  Relationship with authorities and proposals that would facilitate trade


Overseas Security Advisory Council

Also known as OSAC, these meetings consist training, consulting, interchanging of information, and discussion of all topics involving security


Migration Law

To encourage and maintain a level of foreign investment by facilitating the mobility of foreigners.  In doing so viable options is recommended for foreigners that minimize risks or fiscal contingencies.  Be part of an active discussions and revisions and/or modification of laws.

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