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AmCham Guatemala has created an alliance with Conectate Today so you can connect with better candidates to be part of your team. .

To do this you must create a company page within the platform. *Free for members

Steps to create a company page in Conectate Today:

To create an account in Conectate Today is very simple, only a personal account is required (which will be the one that administers the enterprise page) and after creating it, you can proceed to generate the enterprise page. If you already have a personal account at Conectate Today, go to step 3 If you already have a company account, go to step 5


If you are a new user, you must register here: Step 1: Enter the Conectate Today platform. Register | >
Step 2: Complete the registration and enter your information.



Step 3: Creation of company page Now you have a personal profile that will be used to manage your company page, next:
  1. Go to My Pages and click on Create your Company Page..
  2. Enter your company name and a USERNAME (it will be your ID) with which all the Conectate Today community can know your page and click on CREATE PAGE
  3. Create and edit your Company Page information. Include all the required information from your page, profile picture, about the company, etc. so that candidates can read about your company when looking to apply for the job offers you post.
Conectate Today even works as a social network, where you can keep your followers up to date with relevant news about your company, as well as posting new jobs!
Once your Company Page is complete, send an email to info@conectate.today with the subject: AmCham license. This is how we will enable the respective license for your company, and you can start publishing your job offers with AmCham on the Conectate Today platform.



Start posting!
  1. When you are notified that you have an active license, to post a job offer you can go back to My Pages and click Post a Job *The license that AMCHAM grants to its members includes the publication of 10 annual places.
  2. Enter all required information and click on the ” Post ” button.
If you have any questions about the process you can also write to us at info@conectate.today or call us at 2417-0801 where one of our advisors can guide you through the process.

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