Investors in Guatemala: Chemelco Group is expanding in the country

The Chemelco Group is a family-owned, private company with headquarters in The Netherlands. Since 1965, we have been sourcing and distributing raw materials and innovative specialty food ingredients for a range of applications within the food and animal nutrition industries, as well as for the home and personal care industries.

At Chemelco we count with a strong team of international professionals who strive every day to bring healthy products to make better food and sustainable solutions for people and the environment. The main markets in which we operate are Central and South America, southern Africa and Caribbean Islands. In 2016, we have established our sales office in San José, Costa Rica. Expanding further, this year we proudly started our office in Guatemala City, to cover the market opportunities in the region, including the surrounding countries Honduras, El Salvador, Belize and Nicaragua.

We are focusing in the big business opportunities that Guatemala and its surrounding region have to offer, not only due to its geographical importance and astonishing natural beauty, but also due to the fast-growing diversity of its industries.

Especially in the food industry, we recognize the rich variety of flavours of this exceptional mix of cultures, conveying in a singular and very attractive place for the world to visit. Guatemala is a country that has a lot to offer, and yet still has many interesting fields to be explored for doing business and enjoying the beautiful weather and natural friendship of its people. Chemelco offers a clever combination of product expertise and technical advice, a clear understanding of the market and where the opportunities are, all of which allow us to offer the best materials and solutions to our customers.

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Heidy Krings
Sales manager