New Perspectives in Security Management

Lic. Alejandra Méndez Guzmán

The global society of the 21st century has created new parameters and trends that demand multidisciplinary approaches to face the threats and to take advantage of the opportunities brought about by the new political and social dynamics of today’s world. Companies face the challenge of ensuring the continuity of their operations and protecting their tangible and intangible assets in uncertain, changing and complex settings. Therefore, the vision of security must be broader, more comprehensive and strategic. 

Investments need stable and secure environments. However, Central America is going through a complex political and social moment that has become a great challenge for business. Consequently, security teams must adapt quickly to new circumstances and face new risks by being innovative, flexible and efficient. 

For fourteen years, the OSAC Guatemala Chapter and Amcham have worked together to establish a forum for learning and the exchange of knowledge, experiences and future scenarios for the security of companies, underscoring the importance of joint work by governments and the private sector to overcome security challenges. This year, the Regional Security Convention “New Perspectives in Security Administration” aims to provide efficient and effective tools, incorporating multidisciplinary approaches that allow companies to achieve better results in corporate security plans. 

The OSAC 2019 Convention closed with the call for security professionals to move from traditional prevention and reactive activity to strategically managing the uncertain environment to minimize risks and threats. For this, it is necessary to incorporate technology, make good use of digital tools, add intelligence and innovate in the administrative management model. New parameters and trends require that we adapt quickly.