Presidency and Company

Guatemala is in an important electoral process, which puts us at a key moment to think about the ones who aspire to be the new president of the country. This thought should assimilate to the thought that a new General Manager of a company must have in a country with many complexities.

It is no secret that most Latin American countries paint a scenario with alarming rates of corruption and citizen insecurity, with low levels of infrastructure, investment and low levels of trust in their public authorities. It is precisely this scenario that the leaders of the national productive sector engage.

For what I propose, what should offer that who wants to be president of the country?

If you are the leader of a company that offers an innovative good and/or service that is well accepted in the market; if you already manage your productivity volumes, but you deal with a number of other negative factors that surround you, what do you do? You can continue working internally and wishing the best to the outside? Or is it involved with the external, to see better results internally?

Internally you can also discuss between continuing with the same procedures and processes, or new trainings and improvements are considered.

If we see it that way, there really is not much difference between what a candidate is questioned about and what you expect from a Board Member and a General Manager of a company. And both can conclude that, just by adapting, training, and innovating, they will be able to overcome and work with the disadvantages that the current environment presents. 

After all, the President of the country and a CEO of a multinational are not so different, both must work to break the status quo that seems to have been established indefinitely in our country, so we can dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of economic development, growth and prosperity.