Silicon Valley lessons

“Creativity requires having the courage to part with certainties”
-Erich Fromm

Silicon Valley, known as the capital of the world of start-ups, is the destination to visit AmCham Guatemala soon, on a trip that has the mission of learning to trust instincts. Especially those instincts of the most curious, those who seek innovative solutions to everyday problems, those who travel the extra mile and those who do not get tired of exploring!

Some may wonder why Silicon Valley? Why seek to learn lessons from a perfect ecosystem and perhaps even so far from Guatemalan reality? And it is that technology, rather than widening the daily realities gap, seeks to contract it and bring new opportunities for a fertile land like our region and country.

At AmCham we believe that technological advances and innovation are the way to development. Studies indicate that the countries that are more likely to implement new ways of doing business are finally those that have made significant progress in the competitiveness and development indices. Likewise, it is these countries that have seen the birth of new business models and important tools and services for the communities. Technology allows us to spread stories and ideas that generate global and local impacts.

The mission to Silicon Valley will be the ideal scenario to generate a community that promotes a collective identity, in which cultural values are mixed with new ideas and translates into an opportunity to reinvent businesses, how to do them and the people who They make it possible.